Do You need assistant in sales or marketing or an accountant, but do not have the need to hire that person?

Or do you want to start a business in Estonia but do not know where to start?

You can start without labor costs, motivation packages or expensive training courses and Your best partner on the way is Assistant team! Buying the above-mentioned services, you pay only for the real work-hours and can devote Your own time to essentials such as the company’s development.

The services are aimed at small businesses, one-man companies. But we also help medium-sized companies and individuals. For businesses we offer a combination of office administration and secretarial services. But feel free to conatact us if You need help with tight schedule to plan a child’s birthday party or arranging vacation.

We provide a variety of permanent and temporary assisting and supporting services to customers. You can turn to us in Estonian, Russian or English! ?

There is always a solution for every problem!
And if you are short of time or knowledge, we will be happy to help you! ?